At the core of CodeOnTap is the management of infrastructure deployments including the generation of application artefacts which will be used as part of these deployments.

In terms of high level functions within CodeOnTap we have:


The engine generates deployment scripts and templates which provision infrastructure. The engine is a template engine which takes a collection of inputs, primarily from the CMDB to generate the deployments.

Configuration Management Database

The CMDB stores the state of the deployment and provides the primary input source to the engine. It outlines the components in a deployment, the state of each deployment and environmental context which can be used to standardise the deployments generated by the engine

Execution Environment

The execution environment is responsible for calling invoking the engine and running the infrastructure deployment

Build Environment

A subset of the execution environment which is used to build and manage code artefacts which will be used by deployments


Clients call the execution environment to run a particular task. This could be a person manually running the commands provided by the execution environment or a CI/CD service e.g. Jenkins