Local Environment Setup

The first thing we need to is create a CMDB, the CMDB is the core of CodeOnTap and is used to define your product and how it is deployed. We have a set of templates available to get you started.

Create a directory that will be used to store the CMDB and change into it

mkdir ~/msw
cd ~/msw

Pull down the CodeOnTap docker image

  docker image pull codeontap/gen3

Run the codeontap container as an interactive session. This will provide you with a terminal session with all dependencies installed and ready to go


Your AWS profile might be in a different location


You will need to run docker commands within this container during the setup process. To do this you will need access to your local machines docker socket.

  docker run -it --rm --volume $(pwd):/var/opt/codeontap --volume ~/.aws:/root/.aws --volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock codeontap/gen3

Change into the CMDB directory and create the root marker file ( this file is used to define where the CMDB starts)

cd /var/opt/codeontap
touch ./root.json

Next Step: Create the CMDB